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For the purposes of this column I will travel to the very edges of my comfort zone, but as far as hemlines go, this is not very intrepid. A mini skirt, to me, is any skirt that ends more than about three inches above my knee. (This is not because I am a prude; my legs end about five inches above my knee.) I will sometimes wear a floor-length skirt, but not all that often, because while they are undeniably excellent for standing around looking elegant in, if you attempt to accomplish anything at normal speed you end up walking along while lifting your skirts up in the manner of an impoverished minor Austen character who is about to give herself a fever from walking through wet grass. Which is not elegant.

But a change in proportions is the most eyecatching way to reset the needle on your look. Which is why I am quite excited by the idea of a Super Sleeve, despite the obvious cuff-in-coffee drawbacks. Changing the hemline on your sleeve is almost as impactful as altering your skirt length – think of how significant the connotations of rolling your sleeves up are, after all.

This season’s Super Sleeve is any sleeve which is knuckle-grazing, bell-shaped, or extravagantly shaped. The trend has evolved from two long-running trends, for oversized shirts and for statement knitwear. Cuffs worn open and loose, and slightly too long in a borrowed-it-from-the-boys kind of way, are a key part of the chic shirt-wearer’s look. Meanwhile, a high-necked poloneck looks even more statement-making if you elongate the line with an extra long sleeve. This season, those details – the big open cuff, and the cosy long-slim sleeve – have been co-opted by blouses, tunics and dresses

What I wore this week a pinafore dress

As to the cuffs-in-coffee matter. Hands buried under fabric are traditionally for wizards, or ladies in opera gloves. The impracticality is, as always in fashion, part of the point. And not being able to hold a coffee without fear of a spell is one thing; not being able to cross a road without getting run over is another. As far as sleeves go, I am really quite intrepid.